Bicycle Accidents

California has many avid bike riders and residents also rely on bicycles as a mode of transportation. But the roads can be dangerous for bicycle riders and accidents can happen unexpectedly. That’s why you can benefit from working with an experienced team of bicycle accident lawyers in California - Amerberg Law Group.

Bicycle Laws in California

It’s important to know that bicyclists fall under the same obligations and laws that govern other motorists on Californian roads. This means they have to follow the same rules. A bicyclist must ride in the same direction as the rest of the traffic and, if required, they may walk on the sidewalk with their bicycle. When bicyclists ride slower than the rest of the vehicles, they should remain on the right side of the road, close to the edge.

Although accidents with bicycles are not as common as motor collisions, they do happen and that’s when it’s important to determine who was at fault. Either the bicyclist was negligent, or the driver, or both – in some cases it may have been the local government responsible for the condition of the roads – nevertheless, bicycle accident lawyers can help.

Bicycle Injuries and Accidents

Whether it’s a driver that aggressively looks for a parking spot or a distracted driver who causes a traffic collision, cyclists can sustain serious injuries and it can be fatal. There are several risk factors for bicycle accidents:

  • Gender and age. Although children are most likely to be injured on bicycles, middle-aged adults are more likely to be killed in a bicycle accident.
  • Location. Bicycle accidents are more likely to happen in urban areas where more traffic makes it harder to spot bicycles. Accidents are also much more likely to happen at intersections.
  • Visibility. Many bicycle accidents occur at night when visibility is poor. Cyclists should have lights on the back and front of their bicycles as well as reflectors.

Accidents involving cars only make up around 30 percent of all bicycle accidents but they are by far the most serious and dangerous. In fact, 90 percent of cyclists’ deaths involve an accident with a motor vehicle.

Who Can Be Held Liable?

The cause of the accident will help to determine who is at fault. It’s best to consult with a team of Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyers to help determine all the necessary facts of the incident and to help you to determine who is at fault and whether compensation is due to you.

In addition to bicycle accidents, we also specialise in motorcycle accidents and car accidents. Speak to our friendly team today to find out more about our services and how we can help you to claim for injuries during an accident.

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